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If you've stumbled across this section of the website, you're probably in search of hair rejuvenation, and fortunately for you, you've come to the right place. Enter Blonde Culture, a small boutique salon doing it differently, in downtown Cochrane.


Blonde Culture was designed with your experience in mind, and from the second you walk in the door, our shop hits differently. Blonde Culture is all about community and good vibes, our thoughtfully created space will have you never wanting to leave. We want your experience at our salon to go beyond the chair, that's why we also offer a great selection of retail hair products and accessories.


Blonde Culture was created from more than a decade of industry experience, and although we specialize in all things blonde, we love to color outside the lines. Whether you have dark hair, light hair, or grey hair, we offer a variety of services.

We can't wait for you to walk through our doors and feel why our salon is so different. Beyond creating beautiful hair we want to build a community and friendships that go beyond our salon walls. 

It's More Than Hair, It's Blonde Culture


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